ISAZ 2018

Conference Recordings

We are pleased to inform you that the ISAZ 2018 presentation recordings are now available online (via VIMEO). The recordings have been grouped into 5 folders (Invited Speakers, symposia, Tuesday talks, Wednesday Talks and Thursday talks) and each folder is accessible via the links below. The passwords to access the folders was sent to all registrants via email. Should you require the password, please contact Abbey Thigpen (email)
ISAZ2018 Invited Speakers-
ISAZ2018- Day 2 (Tuesday, 3/7/18)-
ISAZ2018- Day 3 (Wednesday 4/7/18)-
ISAZ2018- Day 4 (Thursday 5/7/18)-
  • The recordings include the presenter’s slides and the voice of the speaker.
  • There are only a few missing recordings from the entire conference: Omissions are either due to no permission to film given from the presenter or technical issues during recording.
  • The videos will be on VIMEO for 12 months and will be removed before ISAZ 2019.
We hope you will enjoy the recordings and look forward to seeing you again soon!